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==> literally trash

A young girl stands in her god tier outfit, which to be honest is pretty embarrassing (and short, pants-wise) and she kind of doesn't know what being a page of space even means, apart from putting dumb universe overlays over literally everything?
She also hopes her friends don't find this blog.
What will you do?

> Peruse blog.

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a cute

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Anonymous whispered : too much content after a couple of response backs makes me feel like i have to start directing my parenters character in order to fill up space thats a nice post there

yeah like

sometimes it’s good to sacrifice length for content

doesn’t make it any less quality writing: if aything, it makes it easier to maintain

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wait fuck i just hit 700 followers oh my god

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top tip from someone who probably shouldn’t be giving out top tips:

length is cool and all but in terms of action, it kind of removes a lot of speed and pacing. okay great you’ve written 8 paragraphs about whats happening and what youre doing and that’s cool and all but considering that this is meant to be a two person thing, how much can you write before it becomes a monologue on your characters actions and thoughts?

especially if you then want your partner to respond in kind. for the rest of the rp.

for example: a group of zombies appear!

option one: describe the zombies in horrific detail and write about 4 paragraphs of filler and then do all the action in a few paragraphs and then write about the aftermath. 

okay great, but where does your partner come into this?

option two: write a shorter response describing the zombies and maybe how you take out a few, leaving enough for your partner to actually respond to instead of watching you do all the action.

idk man this is just opinion. it just feels to me that longer replies constrict the amount of interaction between characters in action-based sitations, but whatever, do your thing. it’s only a hobby after all.

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bec noir’s relationship with jade continues to be one of the most interesting things about homestuck

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happy birthday you giant dweeb



happy birthday you giant dweeb

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GG: John! I made you a cake.

EB: um, thanks evil young nanna…

jane | john

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lil seb: lift jane in a hard boiled manner


lil seb: lift jane in a hard boiled manner

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So many cuties.

Birminghamstuck, 4/13, 4/12/14.

Tag yourselves~

eyo it’s me the john omg this was such a good meet

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welcome to a writing blog, please enjoy your stay

this also acts as a homestuck sideblog where i can talk about homestuck without annoying my followers oops

if you want me to see something please tag it jacdraus thank you good night

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